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Report cover with picture of river and bridge surrounded by treesUNP has just released its Network Evaluation Report for 2021-2022. At the end of each spring, UNP works with its partners to conduct an annual evaluation. The goal is to understand the impact that our partners and partnerships are having, and to learn how we can do our work better. It is a chance for self-reflection as well as celebration.

Our approach to evaluation has evolved over the years, with input from community and university partners. We have developed a multi-method approach that combines partner surveys, network analysis, activity reports, and storytelling.

In the infographic below, we share some highlights from our 2021-2022 Network Evaluation. Click on the image for a pdf.

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Combining Health Care, Education & Partnership in West Valley

The University of Utah’s initiative to build a campus in West Valley is a new model of how a leading research institution can support and collaborate with communities for positive societal impact. And we want your help identifying opportunities and partnerships that can ensure even greater positive impact for West Valley and the surrounding communities .

The U West Valley project, which began in 2021 with plans to build a world-class hospital and outpatient health center, has evolved to include an academic campus, workforce development programs and economic development strategies — all designed to build on existing community assets and contribute to the well-being, prosperity and vibrancy in the West Valley area. Please take a short survey and help the team identify opportunities and partnerships that can lead to even greater positive impact for West Valley.


The success of this ambitious initiative is dependent on two critical elements: cross-campus collaboration and community partnerships. Anna Carpenter, senior director for presidential initiatives, is managing the U West Valley cross-campus work group and says that leaders throughout the University of Utah are fully embracing this new model.

“Many of our health care and education leaders are describing this as the most important work they will do in their careers,” says Carpenter, who also serves as a law professor at the U. “But for the project to be truly impactful, we need the continued input and support from faculty, staff and administrators throughout campus.”

Strong community partnerships are also essential and serve as the cornerstone of the initiative. The U West Valley team is drawing on two decades of rich community engagement work by University Neighborhood Partners to build a shared future with West Valley residents. With the help of UNP, the team has already conducted more than 100 formal meetings with community members over the past year. And the work has just begun.

“Our goals for U West Valley are bold and will require us to transform as a campus and show up in new and different ways with communities that we’ve traditionally not served as well as we should,” said President Taylor Randall. “We are bringing together the power of health care and education, the knowledge and assets of West Valley communities and a commitment to measuring and taking responsibility for outcomes. With these ingredients, we can create unsurpassed and sustainable societal impact.”

The key elements of the U West Valley initiative are:

  • A hospital and outpatient health center that offers world-class and culturally-responsive care. Expected groundbreaking in summer 2024 with doors open in 2027.
  • New population health models designed to improve overall health outcomes.
  • An academic campus and programs that support students in their education and career journeys.
  • Workforce development, health sciences education and career pathways with wraparound supports and services.
  • Economic development strategies focused on building local prosperity and vibrancy.
  • Innovative finance to scale research-based interventions and greater investments in community-based research.

The work to advance health, increase education opportunities and measure impact has already begun – all in partnership with the people and communities of West Valley. Now it’s time for our University of Utah community to get involved.

Please take the survey provided here and help the team identify opportunities and partnerships that can lead to even greater positive impact for West Valley.

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Latino Behavioral Leaders win National Award for Health Equity

Teresa Molina and Javier Alegre of UNP and Latino Behavioral Health Services received the national 2021 Award for Health Equity from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Community Campus Partnerships for Health.

The award recognition explains, “For ten years, the Latino Behavioral Health partnership has worked to advance mental health and wellbeing among Latinx and other culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) communities in Utah, and to end systemic inequities that deny access to culturally and linguistically responsive mental health supports.

“The partnership is rooted in principles of inclusion, access, equity, opportunity, collaboration, and the possibility of good health for all. The partnership has been at the forefront of an effort to shift the mental health paradigm in Utah from one that diagnoses and treats individual mental illnesses, to one that promotes recovery and wellbeing by addressing the individual, family, community, and institutional factors that shape mental health outcomes in communities facing marginalization.”

Those of us who have had the honor of working with Teresa and Javier over the years know how important LBHS’s work has been in our communities, and that this award is much deserved. Congratulations!

Read more about the award HERE.