UNP-Supported Partnerships address six key areas of impact, outlined below.

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Create & Strengthen Educational Pathways
UNP-supported partnerships convene to create system-level change that supports students from kindergarten through higher education.  These pathways support adult and youth students, teachers, and parents to increase communication, access to resources, student academic performance, and positive engagement in the community.

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Generate & Disseminate Knowledge
UNP convenes partnerships that harness the community’s and higher education’s capacity to generate knowledge and disseminate this information to various audiences.  This happens by increasing parent engagement in schools, working with higher education to value community knowledge, and increase resident capacity as decision makers.


Amplify Resident Power & Voice
Enhancing resident power and voice happens at the individual and organizational level.  UNP partnerships build the capacity of individuals to inform decisions and become leaders in the community.  Partnerships also target systemic change that supports resident-led initiatives.


Cultivate Community Well-Being
UNP partnerships build individual and organizational capacity to implement culturally responsive approaches to education and well-being.  This includes approaches that increase youth protective factors, build organizational capacity to advocate for positive change, and address a range of well-being indicators.  Partnerships may target housing, employment, health, environment, language acquisition, food, or art.

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Generate Community Momentum
UNP partnerships generate community momentum around decreasing systemic barriers to higher education.  This includes engaging residents in UNP activities and encouraging a sense of urgency or call to action within residents and organizations.

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Build Individual & Organizational Capacity
All UNP partnerships are aimed at building organizational and individual capacity to take charge of community-generated change strategies and maintain community assets.