How You Can Help During COVID-19

The global spread of COVID-19 has impacted most of us in some way. But it has not impacted us all equally. Lee esto en EspañolMany of our neighbors are facing significant challenges right now, whether due to existing health conditions, a lack of access to health care, lost wages as businesses close, the cancellation of needed services, or other reasons.

If you are in a position to help, please donate your money, time, or other resources to the organizations below. These organizations will make sure resources get to struggling members of our community.

Salt Lake Valley COVID Mutual Aid“Not charity. Solidarity.” Salt Lake Valley COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group is facilitating connections across the Salt Lake valley between individuals in need of support due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and individuals offering support to their community. They are looking for donated funds and volunteers to run errands and deliveries:



Migrant Mutual AidThis Migrant Mutual Aid Network was created to answer the needs of the Utah undocumented community in wake of the covid-a9 outbreak. Being located in Utah, our community members do not have many non-profits or infrastructure set up to care for undocu migrants and their needs; many of us are left out of private and state-sponsored relief. This fund is being organized by undocu migrants for undocu migrants. Donate here:



TSalt Lake Education Foundation Logohe Salt Lake Education Foundation is working to support Salt Lake City School District students and families during this critical time. Of particular concern at this time is protecting  students and their families against respiratory illnesses. To that end, we are working in partnership with the Utah Food Bank, Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, and Salt Lake City Police Department to package food boxes and emergency hygiene kits for families in need. Learn how to donate funds or needed supplies here: