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UNP’s New American Academic Network Partnership

The New American Academic Network (NAAN) works in partnership with individuals from immigrant and refugee backgrounds to access the professional education and experiences that allows them to re-enter their chosen careers, or begin new ones. …
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Thoughts Before Parting: Sandwiches and Accordions

I’ve been thinking a lot about sandwiches lately. And accordions.  The 17 years I’ve been at UNP have been like that huge intake of breath of an accordion, filled with possibility, energy and excitement.  It’s been such fun, and such an honor, to be part of the creation and growth of UNP, to be part of all the relationships and deep and challenging learning. I wish there were more spaces like this in the world. …
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Jennifer Mayer-Glenn is UNP’s New Director!

By Brooke Adams, senior news writer, University of Utah Communications

University of Utah President Ruth Watkins has appointed Jennifer Mayer-Glenn as the new director of University Neighborhood Partners and special assistant to the president for campus-community partnerships….
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The 2019 Xipetotec Graduation & Upcoming Imaginemos Latinx Summit

Casa Quetzalcoatl celebrated the 2019 Xipetotec Graduation this past June 1st. The event honored First Generation students, along with their families, for the important mile stone of high school graduation. 

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Higher Education Access for Karen Youth

The Karen Higher Education partnership began this past Spring and is taking place at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center every other Friday. …
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U Giving Day

Today is U Giving Day! We at UNP are reaching out to our partners for additional support of the work that we all do with the west side communities of Salt Lake City. Working together reciprocally we all increase individual and family capacity, education pathways, community wellbeing, and community-engaged scholarship. 

Hartland Partnership Center

The UNP Hartland Partnership Center, located at 1578 W 1700 S in Salt Lake City.

The piece of the UNP model that we’re focusing on today is our Hartland Education Pathways. The UNP Hartland Partnership Center is an educational hub and launching point where west side youth and adults can pursue their greatest potential. The goal is for more residents to access higher education and come back to their communities as professionals and leaders. UNP brings university and community groups into the space to build relationships and offer programs in academics, health, cultural arts, social development, professional skills, and leadership development.

On this U Giving Day, please consider supporting UNP’s Hartland Education Pathways. Your gift will be match, up to $5,000, by the Scott & Betsy Thorton Family Foundation. This will double the amount of your gift, regardless of whether it’s $5 or $500. 

Please visit our U Giving Day campaign page HERE to make a gift today! 

If you are staff or faculty with the University of Utah, giving can be even simpler. With a small gift withdrawn from each paycheck, you can sustain UNP with your ongoing support. Get a Payroll Deduction Enrollment Form HERE.

Together, we can all imagine new heights for west side communities! 

Hartland Free Mental Health Clinic Awarded a Select 25 Grant

UNP’s Free Mental Health Clinic was honored yesterday with a Select 25 grant from Select Health, along with 24 other community programs and organizations throughout Utah. …
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The West High Our CASA: A Thriving Educational Hub

Although my time here at West High school hasn’t been very long, I have been welcomed with open arms. Our CASA is a program created through a partnership between University Neighborhood Partners and the Salt Lake City School District….
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Este Barrio No Se Vende (This Neighborhoodis Not for Sale), mural and photograph by Jessica Sabogal.

This Neighborhood is Not for Sale

In the 2018 anniversary issue of Community Voices, we shared how residents and their partners have worked for a decade and a half to improve lives and strengthen community in Salt Lake City’s west side neighborhoods. The mural pictured above speaks to the very real concern that residents may not be able to enjoy the benefits of their own efforts. …
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Case Management Certificate Graduation Celebration

The Case Management Certificate Graduation
is on Thursday, May 9th, 2019
from 6:00PM to 8:00PM…
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