Education Pathways

Husna HeadshotHusna came to the US from East Africa when she was six or seven years old, and lived in the apartment above the original UNP-Hartland Partnership Center in Glendale. She took part in youth center programs like the Guuleysi Girls Group, which focused on fun activities, homework help, and volunteering in the community.

During high school Husna joined the Youth Leadership Committee at the center, where she was supported in applying to college and receiving several scholarships. In 2017 she will graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in International Studies. She has continued to mentor west side youth, and hopes one day to work in the East African communities from which she originally came.

Education Pathways partnerships enhance opportunities for people to achieve their goals and contribute to community through diverse, equitable, culturally responsive, and transformative educational pathways. These partnerships bring together west side students, families, educators, policymakers, community organizations, and higher ed partners around the shared goal of improving education for all. Current partnerships address a range of goals, including:

  • Family-School Partnerships focused on school improvement and student growth
  • A Diverse Educator Workforce with strong community connections
  • Positive School Cultures that are welcoming to families and promote pathways to higher education
  • Culturally-Sustaining Education in our schools and other community hubs
  • Youth Leaders who can effectively define and address community priorities
  • Adult Education Pathways that are accessible, flexible, and community-centered

See below for examples of active UNP-supported partnerships.

FSC Design Research Project

The Family-School Collaboration Design Research Project brings together west side parents and educators to re-design how families and schools relate. This innovative, participatory research project is a partnership between the Community Advocate Network, the College of Education, and the Salt Lake City School District. It is part of the national Family Leadership Design Collaborative.


The Our CASA Network (Communities Aspiring, Succeeding, and Achieving) is a set of higher-ed themed spaces in schools and community centers on the west side. The goal is to bridge school and community and to foster a culture of belonging and educational opportunity through programs run by students, parents, educators, and community partners.

Hartland Community for Youth and Families

Hartland Community 4 Youth & Families (HC4YF) is a community development organization that partners with public, non-profit, and for-profit organizations to engage Salt Lake County’s most marginalized and underrepresented populations, including people who have refugee and immigrant backgrounds or identify as Latino/a.​

Grow Your Own Educators

Grow Your Own Educators (GYOE) supports west side community members and paraeducators in becoming licensed educators. GYOE is helping Salt Lake build the kind of strong, diverse, community-connected workforce that our schools need.