Sarah Munro, PhD

Sarah Munro became Director of UNP in 2015.  She works with community and higher education partners to guide UNP in its long-term strategy of building reciprocally beneficial partnerships that reduce barriers to educational opportunity for residents of west Salt Lake neighborhoods.  Dr. Munro received a Ph.D. in Anthropology in 2002 from the University of Michigan. Her research focused on community organizing, leadership, and gender relations. She spent time in Italy, India and Nepal working on issues of social activism and community development, preceded by work as a journalist in Italy. Her passion for bringing multiple forms of knowledge to bear on complex social issues led her to UNP in 2002, just after it was founded.  Dr. Munro has helped to develop a range of University-community partnerships focused on community development, grassroots community leadership, and capacity building to address systemic barriers to educational and economic opportunity in low income neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.   She is committed to fostering community leadership in multi-cultural settings, and is particularly interested in how academic research can be enriched through collaborations between faculty/students and community stakeholders. Dr. Munro is also Assistant Research Professor in the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning, and supports collaborative partnerships that link the department with community stakeholders to work on neighborhood planning issues.  She speaks Spanish and Italian fluently, and spends much of her time meeting with partners to share ideas and find links between University and community resources.