Jarred Martinez

Tacos are life! But so are the inspiring young people and school communities that Jarred has had the privilege to work with across the SLC valley for many years now. Homegrown in Kearns and SLC, a Chicanx, hip-hop head with family roots that spread throughout the southwest and northern Mexico, he comes from a family legacy of migrant farm work. Jarred spent two years in Chicago earning a Master’s degree in Youth Development, while also building a network of connections to many organizations and people dedicated to youth resistance and critical literacy. Now, as a partnership manager with the UNP familia since October 2018, he’s been able to continue working on building bridges between other people locally who have a passion for critical & creative youth work in schools and community. Sometimes he gets free by writing poems and performing, occasionally hosting open mics or doing workshops with the Truth Cypher collective, otherwise he is probably hanging out in the mountains or jamming out to cumbias. Did we mention, he also loves eating tacos?